The wedding video is the most precious thing for a person because it covers every memory in it. Event Planner Wedding has years of experience in wedding videography and has many satisfied and happy clients witnessing our perfect work through their testimonials. Based on this, our client Charlotte contacted us for the videography of her big day. We arranged a meeting and signed a contract. Our team also gathered her idea about how her wedding videography should look like to design our strategy according to it. We then prepared our plan for filming the big day!

It was a beautiful night full of stars and a perfect moon in the sky. Our videographers were all set with their equipment and disseminated in the venue before the start of the ceremony. We started filming the overall decoration and focused on every single light and flower in the venue to depict the overall attractiveness of the venue. The entrance of guests and their warm welcome were also covered with all the excitement and happiness in it by our team. The excitement doubled up when the groom and bride entered the venue one by one and this excitement turned into adorableness when the couple exchanged vows, kissed and hugged each other and how can we forget the cake cutting ceremony. Every moment of this segment was beautifully shot by our team with all the emotions, love, and happiness in it. We also covered the dinner phase and every guest enjoying the delicious food. The rocking segment of the wedding which is, of course, the dance party was also filmed perfectly with all the enthusiasm and energy showed by everyone on the dance floor. And lastly, the dreamy exit of our beautiful couple was also shot by our videographers with all the elegance and perfection in it. Not only this, we filmed our couple through many different and unique angles which were adorable enough to portray their love story to everyone who sees it.

With our dedication and perfection, we won the trust of our client and made her happy. Our quality of work was not only witnessed by her, her husband but by her guests too. We were successful in saving the memories of our client’s big day with all the love, adorableness, emotions, and perfection in it through our videography which can bring a widespread smile on her face and tears of happiness in her eyes and this is what we worked for!