Project Description

Lightning has always been a necessary thing without which a wedding is complete and if it’s a destination wedding, perfect lighting is a must! Our client Jones contacted us for the service of lightning for their destination wedding. Our team visited the destination venue and designed the lightning theme for the big day. On the wedding day, with our professionalism, perfection, and dedication, the wedding venue looked like a fairy tale place. Everyone was mesmerized and adored the lightning. The photo shoot, dance party, and every segment looked beautiful with our efforts!

Our client wanted us to:

  •  Lighten up every corner of the destination venue in a mesmerizing manner.
  • Design and manage lightning for each segment of the wedding.
  • Manage the lighting throughout the ceremony for beautiful photography, videography, and overall attractiveness for the venue.

My wedding day really lightens up with the dedication and perfection of the Event Planner Wedding. Every corner was decorated perfectly and my wedding was looking like a fairy tale dream. All because of the Event Planner Wedding! I highly suggest everyone give them a try!

Anna Fernandes